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The consequences of poor maintenance practices can be very expensive and, more importantly, dangerous.

When it comes to Tank Protection Equipment for Storage Vessels every Tank Farm needs to be able to demonstrate that its pressure/vacuum relief and flame protection devices are functioning as effectively as possible. Equipment needs to be calibrated, leakage tested and certified as functional to the relevant industry standards. CVS recommends that all devices are inspected, as a minimum within three months of installation and at least annually thereafter.

That's right..… at least every 12 months! When was the last time someone looked at your Tank Protection Equipment?

At CVS we specialise in servicing, maintaining and calibrating all different brands of breather valves and flame protection devices at our fully equipped workshop or on-site at a Customer’s premises. Brands that we cover, but are not limited to, are Marvac, Groth, Motherwell Controls, Protego, Protectoseal, Whessoe, Varec, Shand and Jurs, 3B Controls, Elmac Technologies, Cashco and Enardo.