Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown


We believe at CVS the best method to look after tank equipment is scheduled maintenance, this is an effective way to eliminate issues found on tank equipment.

All tank protection equipment can be inspected, along with checking the function, performance and integrity of each item. To include but not limited to are Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves (Breather Valves), Emergency Relief Vents / Manways, Tank Gas Blanketing Valves (Pad/De-Pad Systems) and Flame Arresters (Flame Traps)

CVS can offer this service on-site or in the workshop. The frequency by which this carried out depends on individual site requirements. We recommend at least annually but every process is different and requires individual evaluation.

To determine the frequency of scheduled maintenance CVS offers a ‘tank walk-around’. This process enables us to find common issues on equipment, highlight areas of concern and build a maintenance schedule to move forward with.