Overhaul & Repairs

"Increase efficiency , protect the environment, reduce cost"

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At CVS we specialise in tank protection equipment overhaul & repair covering;

Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves (PVRV)

Flame Arresters (FA),

Emergency Relief Vents (ERV),

Tank Blanketing Valves (TGBV),

Pilot Operated Vent Valves (POVV)  

Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) 


Is your equipment performing at its full efficiency ?


When it comes to tank protection equipment from breather valves to flame arresters all equipment needs to be functioning as effectively as possible.


Each piece of equipment has its own job in protecting your storage tank, vessel or pipework meaning that they need to be calibrated, leakage tested and certified as fully functional to the relevant standards 

CVS offer full overhaul repairs or replacements to equipment which is under performing or just in need of some 'TLC' 


The refurbishing of valves is performed in our dedicated and fully equipped workshop, enabling us to calibrate and recertify valves

Our workshop is based in the North West of England and has the capabilities of overhauling a 2" Breather Valve to a 24" Emergency Relief Vent.

Every valve that leaves the workshop will have been rigorously tested to all the recognised standards for example Breather Valves/Vents, weight packages are checked and verified for the required setting and then placed on our calibrated test rig (ISO 28300/API2000 specification) and the leakage rates are recorded in accordance with ISO 28300/API2000. All performance figures are recorded on a test certificate.

The consequences of poor maintenance practices can be very expensive and more importantly dangerous

Where you can save with CVS overhaul & repairs 

  • About 70% of valves considered as scrap could actually be repaired

  • Savings in excess of 55% can be achieved against the cost of new valves

  • Reconditioned valves can return to the same pipework without any costly pipe modifications

  • Turnaround time is days, rather than potentially longer deliveries for new

  • Valuable time and cost can be saved during plant shutdown and maintenance

Why not contact our office and have a chat with our Engineering department to discuss specific requirements .

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